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Soon to be given a lecture about museum architecture at Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam Published the new d-archi/dRχ website
Foreign study trips to Prague and Luxembourg


Founded d-archi/dRχ
North-East European study trip across 20 cities in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia,            Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway
Associate at Tectonics conference, Eindhoven
Created 3D Second Life model for ‘muZIEum’ (muSEEum), Nijmegen
Foreign study trips to Kopenhagen, Humlebæk and Gent
Visited exhibition Prestige or Paradise: 21th Century Museum Architecture at Louisiana       Museum, Humlebæk
Collaboration with Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam
Visited Architecture 2.0 conference, Rotterdam


Given presentation about visual perception at Utrecht University
Chepos Magazine commission, TU/e
Foreign study trips to Barcelona, Bilbao and Berlin
Adobe Indesign course
Collaboration with Design Academy Eindhoven and Utrecht University
Rhinoceros User Meeting for Architects, TU Delft


Invited to give a presentation at ‘Geveltotaal’ (Facade Total Fair), Rotterdam
Participated in design competition , Rotterdam
Nomination student award Academic Eyecatchers
Organized a construction workshop in cooperation with Arcadis
Publication about construction workshop in ‘Eindhovens Dagblad’ (Eindhoven Newspaper)
Light Art course at Light Application Centre, Philips Eindhoven
Chepos Magazine commission TU/e
Invited to give a presentation at ‘Vloertotaal’ (Floor Total Fair), Den Bosch
Participated in design competition by the State Forest Governance
Nomination student award Made in Holland
Participated in think tank ‘Innovatie in de bouw’ (Innovation in architecture)
Published article about think tank ‘Innovatie in de bouw’ in ‘BouwIQ’ (BuildIQ)
Wrote several articles for Dax Magazine, The Hague
Collaboration with the departments of industrial design, innovation science, applied physics,       chemical engineering and mathematics and computer science


Created 3D model for Escher Museum, The Hague
Workshop commission TU/e
Collaboration with DSM Research

2004 Foreign study trips to Antwerp and Cologne

Participated in design competition by Techniplan Advisors, Rotterdam
Published portfolio website


Started as free lance designer
Introduction associate TU/e


Introduction associate TU/e