Born in Sittard (The Netherlands) at the 22th of december 1980, from the early childhood on, I was continually interested in drawing, technics and creating things. After finishing high school gymnasium at the Trevianum College in Sittard in 1999, studying architecture at the University of Technology in Eindhoven was a logical sequel. In that year I gained some practical experience by working at a building site (in other years I worked at a department store, a shop, a bar and a restaurant, which I liked for the social aspect). From the year 2002 I started working as a designer on a free lance base. In the following years I worked on a variety of assignments consisting of creating drawings for architects, such as ARC architects in Utrecht, creating residential, garden and furniture designs for private investors, participating in some design competitions, writing articles for Dax (architectural) Magazine and creating 3D models, such as the ‘muZIEum’ (muSEEum) Second Life model. Furthermore some assignments dealing webdesign, photography, painting and marketing. In 2008 d-archi/dRχ was founded to professionalize these activities.

Contemporaneously I also like participating in commissions contemplating and writing about architecture and organizing workshops and visiting or working at conventions. ‘Innovatie in de bouw’ (Innovation in architecture) was one of these workshops which I also wrote an article about in ‘BouwIQ’ (BuildIQ). Suggesting that new possibilities will commence studying impossibilities, may seem like an impossible figure, but as the paradox has cleared, innovation will logically start. Perhaps that is why Escher is my favourite artist. This might also be the reason for my interest in the theme of visual perception. In 2007 I participated in a minor on visual culture at Utrecht University.

Amongst other things collaborating with specialists from other branches is important to develope new thoughts and views. Collaborations with the departments of industrial design, innovation science, applied physics, chemical engineering and mathematics and computer science at the Univeristy of Technology in Eindhoven and businesses like DSM Research have resulted in innovative ideas and designs which I was invited to present at ‘Geveltotaal’ (Facade Total Fair) in Rotterdam and ‘Vloertotaal’ (Floor Total Fair) in Den Bosch. For my latest research, the development of museum architecture, collaborations with the department of public space at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the faculties of humanities, arts and philosophy at Utrecht University and the department of museology at the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam, have already resulted in a broad perspective and innovative approach. For an overview complete as possible as, I have already travelled across 18 countries and visited about 500 museums and exhibition spaces. Soon a selection of the 35.000 pictures vouching these travels will be published.

Research, contemplation and innovation rating highly, but my favourite occupation is drawing, crafting and designing buildings. During the design proces I tend to use all the available design tools. Perhaps surprisingly because of my preference for drawing, I’m convinced that using the computer as a design tool will help creating buildings that will match their needs perfectly. Whether it is in the early design proces of shaping the building, the stage of elaborating this shape or working out the final design, programs like 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, Sketch Up and Autocad are a constant benefit.